Best SEO Plugin For WordPress 2019 – Rank Math

love WordPress.

The fact that The Mainframe and 33% of the internet uses it on a daily basis because it is the leading content management system speaks for itself. There’s no doubt about that.

But, of all the great things that can be said about WordPress – it certainly isn’t perfect when it comes to SEO at its core.

Fortunately, that isn’t a problem because one of the best things about WordPress is the fact that it was built to be extended by a repository of plugins – which, to this day has grown to over 54,000+.

As a result of working with it on a daily basis, I have come to realize and learn what works really well when it comes to optimizing your WordPress setup to support your search engine optimization efforts.

So, that’s why in this post we’re going to take a look at Rank Math – the best WordPress search engine optimization plugin available.

This is important for you if you run any sort of website, whether it’s an e-commerce store, a blog or a photography website because you’re going to actually want people to find your website, consume the contentyou’re producing or purchase your products.

And a big part of making that happen is taking search engine optimization seriously…

The Yoast Dilemma 

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is by far the most widely-used WordPress plugin for SEO but they don’t have a clean slate, at all. The goal of this article is, by no means, to complain about Yoast SEO and talk about how bad their plugin is because it really isn’t.

The Yoast SEO plugin has been around for a long time. It was one of the first SEO plugins geared towards WordPress. That being said, there have been a number of issues relating to the development of their plugin and how some updates have specifically negatively affected the rankings of the majority of websites that were using the plugin.

This obviously didn’t go unnoticed, especially with their large user base – there was a huge backlash. On top of that, the plugin is known to be riddled with performance issues and annoying up-sells. 😨

So, as you might’ve guessed – this is where Rank Math comes in. It is acclaimed to be the world’s best WordPress SEO plugin – and to cut this review short for those with terribly short attention spans: that’s only part of the story.

absolutely love the Rank Math plugin.

The Overall Experience

Rank Math plugin

Overall I couldn’t be happier with Rank Math. It has everything that an SEO plugin has to properly configure the most important on-page optimizations. This is one of the reasons I decided to move away from all other plugins that are currently available.

Here’s a quick breakdown that explains why I moved away from every other SEO plugin and ended up with the best – Rank Math:

  1. Yoast was bloated, cluttered the WordPress admin area with up-sells and cost an absurd amount. Also lacks the ability to configure schema markup types.
  2. The SEO Framework lacks extremely basic functionality and simply doesn’t fulfill what I believe is a requirement for an SEO plugin. I don’t particularly like the the interface, it isn’t nice to work with and requires you to install an additional extension for extra features which is unintuitive.
  3. I was about to exclude All in One SEO Pack not because I despise the plugin or anything, but I just don’t believe it doesn’t even belong on a list alongside Yoast and Rank Math. The fact that at 2 Million + installations it still only has a handful (~300) 5-star reviews is worrying.
  4. SEOPress is a great option and really appealing, but, to me it simply isn’t worth it to spend money on a search engine optimization plugin. Remember, you’re not paying for something that is going to magically help you rank, you’d be paying for something that is simply a tool which you need if you want to even be able to rank.

And, in short, that shouldn’t cost money. Yoast’s price of $89 per website might not appear like a lot to you, but if you run and manage a ton of different websites, paying for licenses (which, in case you don’t remember renews yearly) is just absurd.

The Google Search Console Integration

Google Search Console Integration

Although SEOPress does integrate nicely with a few other services, Rank Math is the only SEO plugin that integrates with the Google Search Console so closely to provide actionable insights and notifications that you can use to fix things.

Rank Math is always proactively improving their plugin and introducing new features to help you optimize your site even further. I feel like I’m going to end up saying this for every feature, but one of my favoritefeatures that Rank Math offers for WordPress SEO is their tight integration with the Google Search Console.

The Best WordPress SEO Plugin Meta Box

WordPress SEO Plugin Meta Box

The Meta Box is debatably one of the most important and most used components of an SEO plugin. It lives in your post, page or custom post type editor in WordPress and gives you insights into ways in which you can improve your content.

Some might argue that there is no need for such analysis and that meeting all points that are listed won’t actually help your site rank. There are definetely two very strong sides to the story. You should never write a post with the intention of getting a 100/100 score with any plugin. Write for your readers and produce content that you think will genuinely help people.

basic seo

That being said the insights included in the Rank Math plugin aren’t simply recommendations, they are backed up by data-driven case studies. And, to that effect, they are good recommendations. This, however, does not imply that you should aim to meet them either. Obviously doing so is only one step towards helping your site rank, and SEO wouldn’t be an $80 Billion (USD) if it were really that easy.

rankmath additional seo

A lot of people argue that these suggestions are false and not proven, which is true to some extent. Nothing whatsoever when it comes to Google’s ranking algorithm is proven.

Everything people are telling you works and every article you read about how to rank higher in Google is simply making recommendations based on what has worked for them and/or other websites that they’ve monitored.

rankmath title readability

To that effect, use the insights as a guideline but don’t simply aim meet all of them. Like in the above image, it looks like I have done something wrong because I didn’t include a number in my SEO title.

It is in fact true that titles with a number in them are more likely to convert and rank (based on historical data) but that does not mean that every post I write has to have a number in it. That just would not be suitable, hence why this post, for example, does not have a number in the title.

Easily configure rich snippets for your content

WordPress SEO Rich Snippets

One of the reasons that Rank Math is undoubtedly the best WordPress SEO plugins out there is because it is the only plugin that allows you to configure over 14 different types of schema markup for your WordPress posts/pages.

The ability to configure all of the rich snippets mentioned below are all features that you will not find in any other plugin:

  • Article Rich Snippet
  • Book Rich Snippet
  • Course Rich Snippet
  • Event Rich Snippet
  • Job Posting Rich Snippet
  • Local Business Rich Snippet
  • Music Rich Snippet
  • Person Rich Snippet
  • Product Rich Snippet
  • Recipe Rich Snippet
  • Restaurant Rich Snippet
  • Review Rich Snippet
  • Service Rich Snippet
  • Software/App Rich Snippet
  • Video Rich Snippet

Seriously, we might as well stop the article right here for you to install Rank Math and thank me later!

Still not convinced? No problem – you’ve only read half of this post, there are a lot more reasons to switch to Rank Math today.

The 404 Monitor

Rank Math 404 Monitor

Rank Math’s 404 Monitor is one of the hidden gems in my opinion.

You don’t really realize how useful and important it is until you try it. Paired with the Google Search Console integration, the 404 Monitor and the Redirections Module (coming up next) help you keep track of issues that occur on your website.

You wouldn’t want to spend all of your time getting a post to rank, only to realize that you accidentally changed the URL somehow and a post that was ranking high in Google leads to a 404 page and is removed from search. That would just be a waste.

There are definitely separate 404 Monitor plugins that allow you to accomplish similar things, but having it paired into an SEO plugin means I don’t need to use another tool (yet again) to actually fix the 404 errors I identify because of Rank Math’s redirections module…

The Redirections Module

RankMath Redirections

As I prefaced above, Rank Math’s Redirections module is absolutely amazing. It is by far the easiest way to redirect old, deleted or moved content to new pages.

Installing an extra plugin would just bloat my site and be totally unnecessary. People often say that the number of plugins on your site don’t make a difference so it is ok to install a separate 404 Monitor plugin and a separate redirection plugin. This list goes on. But, not to boast, for someone who knows how to speed up websites and optimize them – trust me, keeping your WordPress installation lean is vital.

Yoast vs RankMath

Every plugin you add is often problematic because it is poorly coded and bloated, but with RankMath that is not something you have to worry about because the plugin is extremelylightweight and well-maintained.

The Role Manager

RankMath Role Manager

Another feature that is extremely useful if you run a website that has a lot of different writers and contributors is Rank Math’s Role Manager.

The Role Manager allows you to limit access to Rank Math’s modules and admin areas based on the WordPress user role all, again without having to install another plugin.

Rank Math: Support

RankMath Support

You’ll also be really pleased to hear that Rank Math’s support is available 24/7. In the unlikely event that you run into any issues rest assured you will get answers – and you will get those answers quickly.

When researching search engine optimization plugins in the past, (before I came across RankMath) I had reached out to a few other plugin companies with a few pre-sale questions and actually had to wait 4-7 days for a response.

That was already a clear warning sign to steer clear of those plugins.

So, after reading this article, you might be wondering how good RankMath really is. I mean, you know it’s good because this entire article has taken you through the the entire Rank Math experience and list of features that make it as good as it is.

If you’re still not convinced that Rank Math is the right search engine optimization plugin for you, click here to check it out on Product Huntwhere you’ll find thousands of others that love it.

But, the great part about this is that the plugin is free so all you have to do is Download and install it on all of your websites right now!